What To Expect from The PG Bison Gallery 4 Addition

The PG Bison Gallery 4 Addition was launched, showcasing a variety of new collections, colours, and designs. Our team at Shumba Innovations & Projects was honoured to be a part of this launch, and we want you to experience this new range firsthand!

As we all know, interior design trends are constantly evolving and adapting. The PG Bison collection will show you a variety of expressions and designs that will make you ready for some change. Fresh and contemporary colours and styles will leave you wanting more. Here’s what else you can expect to see from our showroom.

Themes of The PG Bison Gallery

The new PG Bison Gallery 4 Addition is valuable because it has themes and messages that influence the designs. They follow significant trends while telling stories with each design. These are the four themes of this new range that Jason Wells, the marketing manager of PG Bison, has said inspired the gallery:

1. Chasing adrenaline. This theme refers to how heavily we rely on digital life now, especially after COVID-19. This expression showcases the collaboration of the physical and digital world.
2. Love for change. The industry is forever changing and coming up with new ways to be bold and fresh. This range showcases a variety of innovative designs, such as hybrid models that explore multi-use furniture.
3. Search for balance. With everything in life, you want to find balance, especially in your home. This is a space where you centre yourself and unwind. This expression ensures that your environment is embracing mindfulness, wellness, health and organic living.
4. Handle with care. What makes this range so special is that it promotes sustainability and taking care of the environment. Nurturing your home into becoming a more environmentally friendly space helps us move in a better direction globally.

These new designs are about more than looking modern, fresh and appealing to the eye, as they each have a message and theme that make them so meaningful. Your living space can have a strong impact on how we feel and think. The PG Bison Gallery 4 Addition influences us to think outside of the box with their interesting expressions.

Looking for Fresh Inspiration?

Are you looking for new but trendy ways to transform your space? Exploring new colours and designs through this range can be just what you need to liven up a room and create an environment that you enjoy being in. The new PG Bison Gallery 4 Addition can give you a fresh perspective on interior design, as it did for us.

This collection has some lovely decors and finishes that have inspired us as well. Visit our showroom to be the first to view all the new ranges!

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